Some Thoughts On Making

Some Thoughts On Making

Hey, hi. Welcome to my new space. On the off chance you haven’t followed me here from my old space or we’re not already friends somewhere out among the internets, I’m Aoife. I spend my workdays at a desk and my free time usually in front of a detective show knitting or — lately, increasingly — at my sewing machine. I cook, I garden, I’m renovating my house. I do a lot of things that fall under the umbrella of “making” and I think a lot about the role making plays in my life. I wanted to talk about all of that — about how I approach making, about the relationship between making and mental health for me, about my sometimes fraught history with certain aspects of making — without feeling like I was straying from the point if a post wasn’t just about knitting or just about the end product.


I want to talk about the quilt I’m making and how I’m making it, and why.


And I want to talk about the quilt it used to be and why it needed to become something different.


And I really want to talk about citrus salt and why it’s one of my favorite staples to make and keep on hand.

So that’s what this space will be for, all my making. Making with yarn, making with fabric, making my house feel more like my own, making time, making room.

And, of course, doing all of that only if and when the cats allow it.