Sewing, So Far

Hey, hi, I’ve been missing this space and also feeling all kinds of hung up over what I want to write or how and blah blah blah it’s now been 3 months of that, so I’m just gonna run you through a list of what I’ve been sewing real quick, ok? In no particular order:

I made some pajama pants from Simplicity 8022 A.


The envelope said they should take 2 hours and they took me 6 and I felt pretty damn good about that considering I’d never made pants before. I used a flannel I bought specifically because it looked like someone’s kitchen from 45 years ago. I had to shorten the waist by several inches to keep the crotch seam from being down around my knees (and, honestly, crotch seams being where they belong is a big motivator in my sewing journey, so this was a must). I had no idea how to properly do that, and I was already so close to done, that I just kind of chopped the excess fabric off and then finished the waistband according to the pattern instructions. And it worked! These are soft and comfy and the crotch seam is where it belongs AND they’re exactly the right length to hit the floor without me stepping on them unlike every pair of ready-to-wear pajama pants I have ever owned.

I made another pair from the same pattern and tried to make the same length adjustment when I cut the pattern pieces rather than after I had then assembled. It did not work as well this time, and these sit way too low on my hips to stay up, but I love the fabric so I’m going to figure out how to fix them.


I made a couple linen dresses — first, a muslin that made clear the need for bust darts. Since it wasn’t wearable as-is, I figured why not have a go at altering the neckline and fussing with where the bust darts should go.


And then I made a more proper version based on that muslin, which is now just a bunch of weird shapes in my scrap basket. This one has been worn out and about in the real world and it behaved just like a dress the whole time, so it’s a thumbs-up from me.


I made a pair of Hudson Pants according to my actual measurements, and got to learn that ease works the same way in sewing that it does in knitting.


I now have a very-nearly-complete pair in a more appropriate size just waiting to become probably my new favorite garment whenever I finally get around to finishing them.

I made a couple Lou Box Tops. One for practice/jammies.


And one for realskies in this gorgeous navy and teal stripe that I love so much I’ve been wearing it once a week and it doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing something I made and I love it so much.


And then there were hats! I guess it’s odd considering they’re almost my favorite thing to knit, but the idea of sewing hats had not even occurred to me until I stumbled across the Sorrento Bucket Hat. I immediately made one for me.


And then one for my husband. (And also one for me.)


There have also been some zippered pouches/knitting project bags, a drawstring pouch for my eye pillow, some vague attempts at underwear, and I am plugging away at a braided rug for my sewing space. Plus I’ve been acquiring fabric and queueing patterns and I have plans for more tops, some camisoles, a dress or two, the Yanta overalls, a cross-body bag to perfectly hold everything i need for my commute, and…and…and…

With Extra Lumps

With Extra Lumps